Composite Doors

Emerald Windows Ltd offers a wide range of high-quality Composite Doors suitable for use in all types of homes

Composite Doors

Composite Doors are manufactured from CFC-polyurethane foam and provide outstanding levels of thermal efficiency, durability and insulation. These doors are also fantastically strong and secure. Here at Emerald Windows Ltd, to enhance security, we ensure all doors are fitted with only the highest quality locking mechanisms

With a grain as lifelike and warm as timber and all the thermal, durable and security advantages of modern materials, our composite door ranges look good, feel warm and perform to the most stringent standards. In our Composite Door Collection we offer a range of styles, all of which are manufactured with a matching integral framing unit for perfect fit and aesthetic appeal.
Our doors are available in a range of colours - black, white, blue, green, red, mahogany and light oak. Unlike traditional wooden doors, Composite doors will not rot, bow, warp, crack, swell or shrink, making them a durable, secure, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution.

Why Choose Composite Doors From Emerald Windows Ltd?

  • Doors are manufactured using uPVC and GRP, with a double rebate, double sealed construction

  • Doors will not rot, bow, warp, crack, swell or shrink

  • Independently tested for security efficiency and weatherproofing abilities

  • Compliant with building regulations

  • Combines beautiful rich natural deep grain with elegant, detailed panels

  • Better insulation

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Palladio Doors

Emerald Windows Ltd offers a range of Palladio Composite doors, renowned for their style, strength, and durability.
Your new front door has to protect your home against intruders, keep the heat in and the weather out. It also has to look beautiful. As well as being the most secure, well insulated and weather proof, the Palladio Door Collection offers you the choice of sixteen stunning designs in fabulous colours to compliment your home. Every Palladio Door is moulded from a real oak pattern for a deep grained finish that will look wonderful for many years to come. With a variety of colours and styles to suit all tastes and budgets, you are guaranteed your dream door with Emerald Windows Ltd.

Edition 5 Palladio Brochure

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Composite Doors FAQ

  • Where can I buy a composite door near me?

    Emerald Windows is a supplier and installer of Kildare Composite Doors. We stock a wide selection of composite doors available to domestic and commercial customers across all of Kildare and the surrounding areas.

  • Are composite doors secure?

    Yes, absolutely. Composite doors are manufactured from CFC-polyurethane foam to ensure insulation as well as safety and security. Alongside the innate durability of composite doors, here at Emerald Windows we fit all composite doors with durable locks and security accessories to suit our customers’ needs.

  • How much does a composite door cost?

    The price of our composite doors vary depending on the finish and colour you require. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on any of our composite doors today.