Patio Doors

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Patio Doors

At Emerald Windows Ltd, we are a high-quality window and doors company. We install the highest-quality Patio Doors into your home. Patio doors allow more light to enter your home.


We offer patio doors in a variety of materials, colours and sizes. We also provide different glass options depending on your needs.

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What types of Patio Doors do we sell?

At Emerald Windows Ltd, our patio doors come with three different glass options:

  • Single glazed

  • Double glazed

  • Triple Glazed

With our patio doors, you can choose a frosted glass option to give your home more privacy. You can also choose from different materials such as wood and uPVC.

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What is a lift and slide Patio Door?

A lift and slide Patio Door refers to how you lift the handle and slide the door to open it.


A lift and slide door requires you to lift the handle to a 180 degree angle and slide the door to open. These doors are becoming one of the most popular patio doors installed in our clients' homes.

Why install Patio Doors ?

The main benefits of installing Patio Doors are:

  • Patio Doors allow more light into your home

  • At [company_name], we can create custom designs for your patio doors

  • We can professionally install your Patio Doors for you.

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Patio Doors FAQ’s