Palladio Door Security Test Video

Palladio Door Security & Safety

This 3D generated photo demonstrates the advantage of our unique
hinge. This hinge is not attached to the outside of the door, and
therefore enhances the appearance of the door, unlike a more
conventional flag hinge - as seen on the right. Double seal and rebate.

palladio door

Here you see our superior MONOCOQUE structure and the advantage it holds over its competitors as demonstrated below.

emerald windows

This picture shows conventional composite doors, comprised of two 2mm skins bonded to a foam core.

emerald windows

To dispel any lingering doubt you may have, we have carried out our own rudimentary test using a 4x4 vehicle.

emerald windows

Safe & Secure - u-PVC Windows

The beauty of windows is more than just skin deep; professionally built and installed u-PVC windows are also an effective line of defence against intruders. Espag locks are standard on all our u-PVC windows, with features and accessories to repel all but the most determined and professional intruder. For even higher security, specialised features can be included on request; such as shoot-bolts.