Patio or French doors, what's the difference?

When getting a quote for that new or replacement door, one question that is often asked is what's the difference between French and patio doors?

In a nutshell, French doors are hinged, opening outwards (or inwards like traditional doors) whilst patio doors slide from side to side.

It depends on the dimensions of course, but you'll notice that because on a patio door, one panel will always slide in front or behind another, the overall opening is usually just that little bit bigger on a similar French door when both halves are opened.

With French doors, there's no fixed centre strut that both doors seal up to, as one door, the one usually left closed, bears the centre strut upon it.

French / Patio Doors

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French / Patio Doors

Safety first

PatioMaster doors look fantastic, but the beauty's more than skin deep. The frames are made from impact resistant, thermally efficient uPVC which is also easy to keep clean. These combined with built in seals and double glazed units offer excellent weather insulation.

Trickle ventilation can also be provided to help air circulation through your home. They're designed to provide security and thermal efficiency to keep you safe and warm.

Our doors are made from steel reinforced top quality uPVC and they have a secure multipoint locking system with a built-in Anti-lift mechanism to keep intruders at bay.