Glass Windows

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Glass Windows

Emerald Window uses EKOshield™ a range of high quality, energy efficient, double or triple glazed windows, manufactured to the highest standards using only the most technologically advanced components:

• Soft coat low emissivity glass (Low E)
• Ultra-clear low iron glass
• Argon gas filled cavity
• Warm edge spacer bar technology

EKOshield™ sealed units are certified to EN1279, Toughened to EN12150 & EN12600 and come with a full, no quibble, 10 year warranty. These beautiful windows can be installed into a range of homes to promote brightness, energy efficiency, and comfort.

How EKOshield™ Glass Windows Work

  • Soft Coat Low E glass reflects heat back into your house

  • Low Iron ultra-clear glass maximises free heat and light from the sun (solar gain)

  • Improves the efficiency of your house

  • Warmer than standard double glazing

The EKOshield™ range can incorporate textured glass where privacy is required or decorative panels as well as Georgian and leaded designs.

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Textured Glass

Emerald Windows Ltd offers a multitude of textured glass styles suitable for decorative use as well as to boost the privacy and security of your home. Whether it is to provide that final touch to your new windows or to create a stunning impact in a new hall door, the range of decorative panels is sure to meet your requirements. Our range combines an extensive selection of both traditional and contemporary designs suitable for any home.
All of our Kildare Textured Glass products are available in both standard (annealed) and toughened safety options and can be incorporated in to the EKOshield™ high efficiency double or triple glazed units.
For specific, bespoke textured glass requirements, we’re happy to help, creating custom glass for clients with all requirements.

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  • textured glass
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Glass Windows FAQ

  • What kind of glass windows do you sell?

    We offer a range of single glazed, double glazed, and triple glazed windows as well as a variety of decorative glass windows suitable for use in all domestic and commercial properties.

  • What is the best type of glazing for windows in a home?

    This all depends on your budget as well as the type of insulation and security you require from the windows in your home. Here at Emerald Windows, our team are leading manufacturers and suppliers of a range of Kildare windows and can discuss with you the best options for your home- whether that be single, double, or triple glazing windows.

  • I’m looking for decorative glass windows near me- what’s your catchment area?

    Emerald Windows is a Kildare decorative glass manufacturer providing decorative glass to clients across Leinster and the surrounding areas.